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The Alumini Meet of the College was organized on March 4 th at the Auditorium of the new college building (Near Dudhdhari Math. Mathpara, Raipur ) at 11.30 A.M. The Alumini attended the meet in large numbers.An alumini association was also formed which consisted of the following members.Smt Soniya Wandalkar- student of the first batch of the college ((1986) was selected as the President, Dr. Kalpana Sharma was selected as Vice president , Smt. Bharti Pandey was selected as Secretary and Smt. Radhika Mhaobia was selected as the Treasurer. Smt. Archana Jha (D.S.P) was selected as special member of the association It was decided to organise a Fete in the college in the month of October for the generation of fund for the development of the college.It was also dedcided to register the alumini association under the name of '' Swayamsidha Alumini Association''. Feedback from the alumini was aslo taken regarding various aspects of the institution.

List of distinguished alumni from Navin Girls College:

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